Wednesday, July 23, 2014

02 Jul 14

This week new things happened!

So first off, like I said, im in Piacenza. Its a smaller city with a branch. The branch has like 60 people come every week, but summer is starting so a lot less people come. Everyone goes on vacation for literally a month. Our branch has lots of older people, so were trying to find families. 

One of the biggest changes is that there are only two companionships of missionaries here. There's us, and then a companionship of sisters. Its been a big change because in Milano there were 3 companionships (plus another 6 in other parts of the city), Muggio there were 3 companionships, and Verona there were 3 (with another 2 in the other half of the city, not counting the 3 senior couples) (I accidently stole the map we had from Verona so ill show you our area and stuff when I get home). Now its just us four with the closest other missionaries an hour away. I like it alot, being able to go anywhere in the city to do missionary work, instead of having to stay in assigned areas. 

My companion is Anziano Jacob, from Pennsylvania. He's been in Italy just about 10 months, so its been good to have someone who's still newer but actually knows what he's doing. He likes video games and computers alot, so ill be learning some new stuff. I like him alot, and were speaking in Italian 24/7 so hopefully our language will get better. I didnt speak aton aton of Italian with Anziano Lopez because he really wanted to learn english, but ive seen my Italian has gotten a lot better from being with him. 

Its been different living in 2. Its a lot easier to keep the house and kitchen clean, and ive kind of had to adjust how much I cook. Mom, dont worry im not just eating pasta and red sauce. Ive managed to learn how make some things pretty well, even well enough to the point where I dont have to say the line said most often by missionaries "Just add salt and itll taste good (aka, like salt)." 

So Piacenza is still in the Verona stake, and im really excited about that because we have one of the best Stake Presidents in the church, President Botta. Im not a zone leader anymore so I dont work with him as much, but its still great to be in the stake. My zone leaders are now Anziano Richardson and Anziano Miller! Like the Anziano Miller that I served with in Milano. Im a district leader so I went to Modena and did an exchange with him on Monday and it was a blast. One of my favorite parts of the mission has been the friends ive made. 

One of the saddest parts of leaving Verona is that I had to leave my bike there. So now im stuck on a scrub bike again. 

Im trying to think about other things that have happened...Oh, I gave a talk on Sunday. Our ward mission leader is really awesome, he's a younger guy and is part of the branch presidency as well. So a new sister missionary and I gave talks. I talked about the parable of the lost sheep.

I think those are all the interesting things that have happened this week. Dad, you asked about the apartment. There are some things ive gained that I didnt in Verona, and some things that ive lost. For example, I dont have AC anymore, but I do have my own fridge (where in Verona 4 of us shared one). We dont have an elevator here, but I have like 4 desks to put all my stuff on (there used to be more missionaries here). Ill just sum it up like this, I went from one of the nicest apartments in the mission to one of the not as nice apartments. But itll all be good!

The last thing, I cut Anziano Jacob's hair last night. I kind of stretched the truth a little bit when he asked me how many times ive cut hair before. I just kind of laughed and acted like his questioni was a joke and said "A few." Really this was like my third time, but it went really well. I did blending and stuff, and it looks really good. Ill get a picture for you. I paid attention really well when Anziano Windley cut my hair in Verona, because his mom is a barber and does it really well. But anyways, Anziano Jacob is probably the most fly lookin missionary in the mission now.

Thats all ive got for this week! If you have any other questions let me know and ill try and remember to answer them! Im glad the girls are home safe and everythings goin back to normal. Have a great week everyone! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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