Wednesday, July 23, 2014

21 May 14

Well this week was a pretty good week!

Its fun to have a new missionary with us. We asked him what he liked to do and he said "I like to play the piano and make cheese cake." If thats not a killer combo I dont know what is.

So I just have bike problems all the time. For some reason missionaries are pretty awful and buying bikes that dont... well to be quite frank, that dont suck. I switched the new guy bikes before he came because the one I was riding didnt have working gears or shocks. I figured itd be better that he started with a bad bike and went up from there. Jokes on me. 

So this is probably my fault, but I will say that right from when I started riding the bike, it was making pretty ugly sounds. But anyways we had to wait outside for a guy for awhile with nobody around, so I decided to do something productive and learn how to do a wheelie. Uncle Dave should be proud of me because I got pretty good. But I got a little to confident in my bike's shocks because I started catching major air off of curbs and speed bumps whenever I rode it. So one day we were going to our area and my pedals just got jammed. I pulled over, and the back wheel was flat and had broke off of the frame of the bike. Not unhooked, but broken out. So I dont have a bike again. But on the bright side, greeny's bike works fine.

We had a cool contact with a guy Monday night. But I need to back up. So we had an appointment with a guy from somewhere that speaks French. So we brought a restoration pamphlet in french for him. He didnt show up, so it was just in my bag. Then we stopped this guy who speaks italian pretty well, who's mother language is french. So we started talking about the restoration pamphlet that we had on us. We asked him to read the first vision, and he said that he wanted us to read it. Anz. Lopez looks at me and says "Do you speak french?"  A little... (aka my 8th and 9th grade french class where I learned as much french as I learned chinese. Ms. Springmeyer is laughing somewhere right now) and I read the first vision in french. The whole time I was just thinking "I sound like a flippin fool right now Heavenly Father, please make this at least a little ok."  At the end he said he understood so thats ten points for the good guys. Were seeing him again Friday.

We found a guy last night named Gollum. Im trying to think of a funny Lord of the Rings joke to make here, but I cant think of anything.

So this transfer im the "apartment coordinator" (as first act as the apartment coordinator I renamed the position apartment lord) so now we do chores and stuff every night so our apartment doesnt look destroyed every day. Its working like a charm. Yes Mom, that is a real thing. 

I think thats all I have to report this week. Im glad everything worked out with Amanda's apartment and school and stuff. When does she start? And hopefully everything goes well with everyone else in the family. Greg, Rachel and Co. are in my prayers also!

Last story that I forgot to tell from Easter. The saturday night before easter, we were on our way home from church. We were on a scambio, so I was with Anz. Windley. The road we take was closed, but bikes dont have to follow the rules in Italy so we just went on it anyways. Were flyin down this hill, and I see Windley cross the street, and this giant group of people holding candles following an old priest carrying a giant cross walk down the road. Windley barely gets by them, but I have to stop my bike. I would have given anything to have a Go Pro. Im just walking my bike through this group of people who are singing weird hymn chant things going "Sorry....sorry...sorry" trying hard to keep a strait face (i failed) and not laugh. Sorry for ruining easter. I love you all! Have a good week!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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