Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Sep 14

Hey again! 

Big news this week was going to Verona for the conference! It was good to be back, but I feel like I was there just yesterday. I found out one of the investigators I was teaching there just got baptized, so that was really exciting! He'd been ready for a long time, and personal things ended up working out so he was able to get baptized. It was really good to hear about.

Anziano Richardson came to Piacenza and we did a scambio. It was a blast, weve become really good friends over these past couple transfers. We found this guy who wasnt very interested in what we had to say and explained his theory about Adam and Eve, which made me really thankful for modern revelation! He was a really nice guy, and it turns out he teaches a high school religion class and asked if we could go and teach some of his classes this November and explain what we believe in. Most teenagers in Piacenza know us as "The only people in all of Italy who wear helments while riding bikes," so im really excited to add on to the truth that they already have! Pun intended. It was a pun because we do that as missionaries with people of other beliefs, and because its true that we're the only ones who wear bike helments in all of Italy. Just in case somebody didnt get it. 

Transfers are coming up! We'll see what happens. Id be really sad to leave Piacenza, its been a really good few months here. I know I say this every week, but we are SO SO SO close with some people. We had a lesson with a really cool family that were working with who have been coming to church for a few months, and the lesson was so good! They had a question about Adam and Eve, so we read 2 Nephi 2 with them. Ive been reading the Book of Mormon really in depth these past few months, and when I was reading that chapter by myself, it took me literally a week to get through it all, just so I really undestood what was going on. After the week, I was feeling good, but I didnt know if I could explain it to someone else. So as we were turning to that chapter, I just said a little prayer "Dear Heavenly Father, please dont let me confuse the heck out of everyone." And it went really well! It was a seriously cool lesson, because we'd pause every few verses and talk about them, and as we'd talk about it, everything clicked about a billion times more than when I had read it by myself. It was a really cool lesson because Adam and Eve is one of those big differences in doctrine that we have with other churches, and they came out of it saying "Well yeah, of course the fall was necessary!" Ive had some really bad Adam and Eve lessons on my mission, so it was good to see progress, and all the help Heavenly Father gave us in there. I love the Book of Mormon!

Hopefully ill have more to report next week after we find out what's going on for transfers! Like I said, I really hope I get to stay because working in the branch has been so good! But we'll see what happens. Keep on being good people! Im so proud of you all for the good decisions youre making. Shout out to Sophie for being a chemistry tutor and for getting her braces off! Youre all just growin up so fast. Keep CTRing and pluggin along! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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