Wednesday, September 17, 2014

17 Sep 14

Subject: Transfer 13 Week 6

Transfer news! I am staying in Piacenza!!!!! And Anziano Jacob is going south to Ancona. My new comp will be Anziano Mullari (sp?) who is one group ahead of me. We'll see how it goes! Im really really really excited to be here in Piacenza at least one more.

This week was pretty cool. Last weekend there was a European Market outside of our house, where vendors from all over europe came and sold food/other stuff from their countries. So we ate German bratwursts for lunch Friday and Saturday, and were very tempted to break the sabbath on Sunday (just kidding) (kinda). They were so good! I got some Christmas stuff for ya'll to, so get real excited.

It was our investigator's birthday this past Thursday. We went to a chinese store and got him a "police officer kit" and an "indian bow and knife kit" (dont tell him, but it was like 2 euro total). He was really excited. He said that he always wanted stuff like that when he was growing up, but never got it. So I guess we're just the answer to a little boy's prayer (30 years late). 

Sunday we had the ward lunch, Monday we ate at an old widows house, who got very mad at me for eating rice with a fork and for cutting my apple away from me instead of towards me. The Totem' chip carrying eagle scout inside of me wanted to tell her that according to the bear scout handbook, you should never cut towards yourself, and that I was already pushin my luck because she was in my "blood circle," but I decided not to. I just cut towards myself and prayed that the butter knife didnt slip, causing my untimely death. I am alive, and I have repented for breaking the scout law.

Tuesday we went and ate with our branch president, and today we went and ate with one of our other investigators. So pretty much we havent cooked in a week, which means no dishes (YES!!!). I still think im the most trunky when I look at a mountain of dirty dishes and think of my dear sweet dishwasher at home. This week I did make panzerotti, which are pretty much like scones with Italian stuff in it. It's what they sell at "Luini's," the resturaunt that Brad loves. I made a mistake with the ham ones and they got ruined, but the Nutella ones were so good. So good.

Missionary work goes on! We have some stressful moments sometimes, but we're handling it really well I think. Hopefully this week keeps on going well, and I hope that I like my new comp!

Sorry that this email is so short, today is the most insane p-day ever. We stacked wood all morning (literally 4 hours; I will never live on a farm), gave some blessings, saw some investigators, and weve got three more lessons tonight plus english class, consiglio, and we have to pick up some missionaries who are staying with us tonight to get to transfers tomorrow. So I get to see Anziano Lovett from my MTC group, so that'll be a good finish to the day. 

I love you all so much! Keep on being good people and reading the Book of Mormon! Its the best! CTR!!!!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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