Wednesday, January 22, 2014

22 Jan 14

This week flew again. Last week was pretty slow, but now that im used to Verona its starting to fly again.

I did a scambio with Anziano Christensen, one of the AP's, and it was a blast. Then zone training and interviews went well the next day, and work is really picking up here. We were doing really really well, and then 12 of our last 14 appointments fell through last second, so that was a bummer. Were back on track now though! 

There are tons of Nigerians in our area, so like half of our lessons now are in English. That kind of through me off a lot, but im getting the hang of it now. It was the hardest thing in the world to pray in english, because Italian kept jumpin out of my mouth.

So ive had some questions about my apartment. ITS AWESOME! Our bedroom is bigger than the whole Muggio apartment, our heating works, and we have an elevator!!!! I would not be sad at all to finish my mission here. 

Like I said, our area has tons of stranieri. Tons and tons of Shri Lankens also. Im not complaining though, because Verona is supposed to have the "coldest" people in Italy. One of our members said that Verona and Napoli are big big rivals because Napolitano's are so laid back. This area has been struggling a little, but we got our numbers up over the mission average this past week and should be pushing 20 lessons this week. 

For Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa, I got a Hellas Verona soccer jersey. They have some pretty jerseys, so im really happy with it. Thanks grandma and grandpa!

CONGRATS KATE ON BEING THE BEST SINGER EVER! That camp sounds like a lot of fun, im really proud of you! Im proud to say that I gave you all the musical talent that I had before I was born, so I feel like I played a major part in this as well :). 

Questions about the food, I havent eaten at a members house yet so I couldnt tell ya if its different. We always just cook or order "Pizza Love." If you get 20 pizzas, you get a free tee shirt, and I am determined to get it. The guys I live with are a big fan of pasta with red/pink/green sauce so ive been trying to eat lots of fruit and vegetables so I dont, like, die.

Things are going super well here! The weather today feels a lot like spring so im really excited about that! Thanks for all the prayers and love and support! Have a great week! I love you!!!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

PS my bed is the far one :)

Verona apartment

Verona, Italy

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