Wednesday, February 5, 2014

29 Jan 14

This week flew again. I dont need to say that every week, I know, but its true.

Again, another pretty boring week. We have some pretty cool investigators, but most of them are super inconsistent. Most of them are foreigners, so they work all day every day and its been really frustrating to find time with them. So we spend lots of time walking down a street (Santa Lucia, in case you get bored and want to look at it on Google Maps) and we have to ask the question "Are they drunk, or should we stop them?" before we talk to everyone. Our area isnt exactly super prime for proselyting. So were thinking about switching it up a little bit, and shifting our focus to the smaller subarb cities outside of Verona. 95% of our members live outside of Verona anyways, so that might not be a bad switch. We might be spending a lot more time on trains, but ill keep you posted!

I did a scambio up in Trento on Monday/Tuesday. Its a really cool city in the middle of the mountains. It was pretty cold, but it was still a good time. There is one Elder serving up there who is very very very ready to go home. I went with the other guy and we had a good time. Trento and Bolzano are the only two cities in our zone outside of Verona. There are two sets of missionaries up in Trento, then one in Bolzano, and then six sets here in Verona. There are two wards in Verona with about 60 members each, with three sets of missionaries in each. So those are all the cities in our zone. We used to have another stake, but President Dibb changed all the zones so they line up with the stake lines. It makes sense, but it shrunk our zone a lot. 

Not a ton to report here though! We got our bikes fixed, and thats been a blessing and a curse. My legs are not used to bikes, so thats been less fun getting into shape. Its kinda crazy riding a bike through "game day traffic" after soccer games. I wear a helmet though so ill be safe if anyone hits me :).

The only thing I would really need in a package would be new long sleeve white shirts. I only have four of them, and theyre getting kinda thrashed. And, actually, if you could send two things of advil for migraine, that would be sweet. Ive started getting migraines again, but im seeing a doctor on the 7th in Milano when we go for consiglio. So hopefully we get that figured out!

That's all ive got this week. Its crazy I hit my year mark this week. Like I said at the beginning, time is going super fast. But at the same time I feel like ive been gone for decades. Have a good week! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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