Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12 Feb 14

Hello again!

It was a pretty interesting week this week!

So far in my mission, ive gotten inside 9 times going door to door. Up until this past week, we got in two times! So thats a pretty cool miracle. 

The weather has still been pretty bad, but its starting to get better (I said that like two weeks ago, and it hasnt stopped raining since. Hopefully I didnt jinx anything.) It been really good though, Anziano Garner and I just have a blast.

We had a lesson with one of our investigators that was super sweet. At the end, he was saying "Look, I havent read everything in the Book of Mormon, but up to now I really like what I see." Then a lady walked in and said to him "Are you becoming Mormon?" "Im studing with them, and reading and stuff." "Bravo." And then she asked us to come and teach her. Were really excited because finding work has been close to zero effective thanks to the weather, but we made it a goal to be outside as much as possible. If were outside, good things will happen, and it paid off here.

We had a zone training on Monday and that went really well, then last night we had a meeting with a member of the high council. After that, we had a meeting with more high council guys, and then the zone leaders from Modena and Bergamo came up. So I got to see Anziano Simcox! I know that none of this is very excitng for y'all, but its been a change. 

Im trying to think about what else I can write about but im drawing a blank.

Oh! This morning, we went and helping some of the Senior Couples. They are working on the biggest geneology project in the world right now. They are taking pictures of old documents to be used for indexing. So we went to the Archives and helped them clean books. Theyre working on records from 1914 right now. It was cool to help with missioanry work on the other side. Im really excited to do geneology when I get home. 

Thats all ive got for this week! We find out about transfers on Monday, but im nervous for Saturday. Saturday is when President calls the new Assistents, and im pretty sure Anziano Garner is going to be called. I really hope not, because weve become really good friends.

Hope everything goes well for you all this week! CTR and read your scriptures! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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