Wednesday, February 5, 2014

05 Feb 14

Soph, youre just growin up so fast! Im so proud of you!
Everyone else, stay off the roads.

This week....flew. And this next one will probably fly again. We have a meeting in Milano with the AP's and President Dibb that all the zone leaders go to, then on Monday we have a zone training, so thatll make things a little more interesting.

We made kind of a big change this week. We havent had a lot of success in finding solid people to teach. We decided that we need to work a lot more with our members, and we decided it was a good time to switch things up. So weve been going to a city in our area called Bussolengo. 80% of our members live there, so we'll be able to get a lot more members to our lessons. It means that were doing a lot lot of finding work.

This change resulted in one of the worst weeks in my mission numbers wise. I still feel really good about it though. We had lots of cool lessons that are considered lessons according to preach my gospel. A lesson according to PMG is two prayers, a gospel principal taught, and an invite. So we were visitng one of our members in the hospital, and his roommate was there and listened/participated the whole time until his daughter came and stole him away from us, so we didnt get an invite in. In the closing prayer we prayed for him, and him and his daughter were just beaming at us. We had a lesson with a lady on the street for 30 minutes, but before we could say a closing prayer with her, she bolted cause she was late to a doctors appointment. So weve had some success in our work, but it doesnt show on paper.

It rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and rained this week. It literally didnt stop. So that was kind of frustrating considering were outside all the time. There was one night where there were literally 3 people on the street to talk to, and one of them was a pizza guy asking for directions. Then, on our way home there was a guy kind of in a hurry so we stopped him. It was the most elect street contact ever. "How would a prophet help your life?" "I think it would help put my life in order so I can spend more time with my family." Only problem is that hes a PROFESSIONAL RACING DRIVER so he will be in Australia for the next two weeks. So we'll just see him then. So if the Hutchins family sees a racing driver running around, remind him to read the pamflet we left him. Sorry if I mispelled any words, I cant ever remember if I use an F or PH anymore.

Those are all the stories I have for this week. I keep telling Anziano Garner that he's going to be an AP next transfer, but I really hope he stays. We have a blast together, and ill be really bummed if one of us gets transfered.

Again, Sophie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dont kiss any cute boys! Or any ugly ones. I love you all so so much!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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