Thursday, February 27, 2014

26 Feb 14

Another good week! We set a bap date with one of our investigators for April 4th, so hopefully he makes it! He loves God and Jesus alot (both good things) and is soooo close with the doctrine. Everything he says is seriosly just barely barely off from the truth. When we invited him though, he said "A man can be baptized 100 times, but unless it is the right church, it means nothing." So its a good thing he found the right one!

Were excited also because one of our investigators just got back from Africa. He would have been baptized already, but he had to go work out some stuff for a will. But hes back now and were stoked!

So I find myself being forced into musical things here. I really dont get why though. Im sure you remember the stake choir incident. Other than that (I dont know if I wrote about this stuff) ive had to sing in sacrament meeting with the other missionaries, and sing (still with other missionaries) in a concert. Well last week we had another concert. Luckily for me though, Anziano Garner and I were the MC guys. It was super fun. Anziano Matau took some videos so ill see if I can get those from him. 

We found some milk in our fridge that expired in November. That was pretty gross.

Weve got a conference tomorrow morning down in Bologna, so that will be the farthest ive been away from Milano my whole mission. I know thats not very exciting to anyone else, but I dont know what to write about. If anyone has questions, let me know, because missionary life seems pretty normal to me haha. Sorry im becoming more and more boring. Im still having a blast, but all my funny stories are just "Had to be there" moments.

Thats all ive got this week! I hope everything goes well for everyone! Im glad BYU beat Gonzaga. Crazy to think that this time next basketball season, ill be back at the games. Anyways, I love you all! Have a great week!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon 

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