Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 Dec 14

Well i'm about to start my last transfer, big bad 16.

Soooo i'll be in Piacenza for my last one, and i'll be serving with Anziano Malzone. He's an Italian who lived in England and Argentina so he speaks Italian, English, and Spanish. He's one transfer under me so it'll be good to work with him!

Here's the lame news. We found out about transfers Saturday morning, then the office called us on Monday night telling us that we need to go back to the old apartment. So yesterday was a lot of packing and cleaning, and today will be the same. I'll tell the truth, it was kind of hard packing all my stuff right before my last transfer while my companion is weighing his bags so he'll be under the weight limit for the plane. To answer the question i've heard a billion times already "Are you even going to un pack?" Yes, I am going to un pack. 

Other transfer news, we're going to have sisters in Piacenza again! So we aren't alone anymore. It's kind of sad though, because now we're our own district so we don't get to see the missionaries in Reggio any more. It was really good getting to know them and it was a blast doing scambios with them. 

The only other thing that you might care about is that Anziano Burton got transferred to Bergamo for his last transfer. That's all that I know about people you would know.

The rest of the week has been saying bye to people for Mallari. Lots of packing and re arranging of bags to get under weight and he finally got all three bags under 50 pounds. Then he found out this morning that he understood wrong and that only two can be at 50 and the other has to be 8kg. So this morning was kind of stressful and sad for him trying to decide what to do. 

Sunday evening we went to Reggio to Christmas carol. As you know, that's not really my thing. So first chance I got I went and talked to a guy listening to us on a bench. He asked who we were, etc. and all of a sudden he was telling me that we can't believe in the Bible because there are mistakes in it. "We believe in the Bible as far as it is translated correctly" is an invalid belief because something is either 100% correct or 0% correct. So we talked about the Book of Mormon and when he found out he couldn't prove it wrong he went back to the Bible. In the end, he wouldn't take a copy of the Book of Mormon because he already had one and had read it. His favorite part was when Joseph Smith starting teaching his religion. It turned out to be a very frustrating contact and I wish that I had been singing. 

Monday we had our last district meeting in Reggio, then we saw some of my favorite members. Then we got the call about us moving and yesterday was packing. So that was our week!

I hope everyone has a great week this week! Brandon is getting home pretty soon, right? Make sure to CTR this week and follow the commandments. Oh I forgot to tell you all, I decided to man up and wear contacts. The first few days were spent convincing people that I wasn't crying, but now i'm pretty used to them. So guys i'm growin up. Have a great week, I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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