Wednesday, December 17, 2014

17 Dec 14

I wish that words could explain this week. This email finishes well, so hang in there.

This week has been full of the worst luck ever. It started with the whole moving apartments thing. We were in a hurry because they gave us two days to pack, clean, get everything over to the other apartment, unpack, clean the other apartment. To make matters worse there was some miscommunication between my last comp and the office. Mallari understood that he can have two bags plus the carry on that could weigh 50 pounds each. We found out on Wednesday that it was really two bags could be 50 pounds and then 30 pounds for the carry on. So he was tryin to get his 3 barely under fifty pound bags to become twenty pounds lighter. But we got all my stuff to the other apartment and cleaned the sister's apartment to a respectable level (I swear I did my best). 

Then we went to Milano for transfers. There was a bit more miscommunication because my comp needed to get there early so we took a 7:10 train. We got there at 8 and just kind of waited because we were really supposed to be there at 11:30. 

So we waited and I got my new comp, Anziano Malzone. As one of the sister missionaries said "I need to film you (Malzone), because if I explain what you're like, nobody will be believe me." You'll probably talk to him on Skype. Anyways, i'm with him and the new sisters, and all the ticket services are down in Milano Centrale. So we end up having to wait until 3pm to take our train. It wasn't that bad waiting though, I hung out with Anziano Johnson and Anziano Anderson. Johnson played volleyball at Olympus and we've become really good friends and Anziano Anderson was in my group. They're all going to Utah State so that'll be fun. But it was good to hang out with them for awhile. 

So we get on the train and go to Piacenza. We get there and get on the bus. Some ticket checkers got on and threw a fit because we didn't buy tickets for all the luggage we had with us. So in the end they gave us a "Christmas deal" and only fined us for two "passengers" without tickets. So Malzone and I took the fall and both got fined 65 euro. Dont worry though we talked to the mission office and they helped us out. 

Long story short, after bike problems, apartment problems, cleaning our new apartment, everything, I think everything is back to normal now. I think.

So here is the happy thing. During district meeting, the doorbell in the church rang. So one of the sisters went and answered, and it was this lady. She said that she met with the missionaries a year ago but lost their number. There was something special about the missionaries, so she decided to re find us. She got our address off the internet and came to the church right when we were there. I was bummed that she didn't show up a week ago when there weren't sister missionaries (i'm only half serious), but she seems really cool! So there's the miracle of the week.

Other than that, we haven't had time to sit down. Yesterday we had enough time for language study for the first time in a week, so we've been keeping busy.

As far as Skype, It'll be at 7 or 8 in the morning. Maybe later. Just have your phones with you and i'll send you all an email when I get on. We've got a place to go so everything is ready to go!

I love you all so much! Make sure to be extra righteous for Jesus' birthday! CTR and have a good week!!!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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