Wednesday, December 31, 2014

31 Dec 14

Transfer 16 Week 3

Well I have stories this week.

We'll start with the funny ones. So there was a Christmas market that was selling Christmas hats. So I picked one that looked really warm and bought it. When I got home Anziano Malzone decided to tell me that the hat I bought was a girl hat. So of course I swore never to wear it. He tried to convince me that it wasn't really a girl hat but I didn't believe him. Then on Christmas, for my present I made him swear to tell me the truth if it was a girl hat or a boy hat. He said it was a boy hat, so a few days after I wore it for the first time. We went to do grocery shopping, and we get into the store and there is a girl in there wearing the exact same hat. Soooo I took it off never to wear it again.

So then I went to church and asked the sisters and some trusted members what they thought, and they all decided that it was a neutral hat. So I was thinking about just wearing it because it was warm. Then that night I got a call from one of the sisters who said she had a very serious question for me. She said "Anziano McKinnon, if you decide that you don't want the hat, can I have it? Because it's really cute." So that was the last straw and now she has the hat. Normally i'd take this story to the grave, but it's Christmas. So Merry Christmas.

Yesterday we ate the biggest pizza ever. Some members told us about this giant pizza and that there was no way we could eat it all. Challenge accepted. So we went and got the pizza and it was giant. While I was ordering, I told the lady I wanted the gigante and she laughed, but I got it anyway. The rule was the we didn't have to eat the crust, and I almost made it. I stopped only because it wouldn't look good for a missionary to throw up in the middle of a resturaunt, but if I ever go back i'm getting revenge. I'm attatching a picture.

Here's the sad news. So there are these investigators that i've been working with for like 7 months now. The Dad and son are a little farther behind on the conversion process, but the mom knows that the Book of Mormon is true and everything. So we went and saw them on Sunday and she said she decided that for New Years she couldn't have a foot in our church and a foot in the traditions she grew up with, so she said that she had decided to stick with her traditions. It was super super super bummer. We've still got time though, and I think that they'll get baptized eventually. 

That's all the big news for now, but i'll let you know if there's anything else. I hope you all have a great New Years and CTR. Tell the fam that I love them and stuff! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

PS Other big news, my companion says that i'm the best American foosball player he's ever seen 

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